Monday, May 08, 2006

The Ween Show

Ok, I have't posted in a while, but that doesn't mean that I've fallen off the face of the earth :) It seems, that when I've got projects, they are always due at the same time, which means I stay busy! I promise to start posting more regularly.

This is a clip I filmed from a recent Ween show in Raleigh.

Click here to watch video. [Quicktime]
I had a little fun with the mirror effect in this one.

On another note.. I'm going to finally purchase my plane ticket (soon) for Vloggercon. Looks like I'll be in San Francisco from June 8th -12th!


Blogger Mary Beth said...

Ha, I'm currently listening to Ween (Quebec). Glad to hear you'll be at Vloggercon, no turning back now. :)

5/09/2006 9:18 AM  
Anonymous Bill Streeter said...

Hey nice one! I really dig ween myself. I wish I had the chance to shoot them. Nice treatment on the video too. Did security ever give you any shit about bringing a camera in?

See you at Vloggercon!

5/17/2006 9:32 PM  
Blogger starfire said...

Hey Chris!

Looks like I will be arriving in San Francisco a few minutes after you on the 8th. I'll keep an eye out for you.

See you at Vloggercon.

5/31/2006 8:25 AM  
Blogger missbhavens said...

I LOVE me some Ween!!! They haven't been to New York in ages...I miss them desperately. Nice footage!

6/17/2006 2:42 PM  

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